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Gültekin & Uysal Law Firm, located in Istanbul Koşuyolu, is the insurance lawyers for disputes within the scope of insurance contracts, compensation for material and moral damages in traffic accidents or accidents with material damage, and disputes arising from health, retirement, life insurance contracts. provides legal consultancy and litigation attorney services in all areas related to insurance disputes.

Our Legal Solutions for Insurance Law Disputes


Insurance law is a branch of law where the insurer undertakes to bear the economic consequences of a hazard or risk that causes harm and the rights and obligations arising from insurance contracts. Within the scope of the insurance contract, the insurer undertakes the obligation to pay the premium, and the insurer is also liable to pay the insurance indemnity and the insurance cost. The Insurance Act has entered into force to protect the rights and interests of the persons included in the insurance contract and to ensure that the insurance industry operates in a safe and effective environment.


  • In this context, our team of insurance lawyers carries out the preparation, termination, partial termination or revocation of insurance contracts, bankruptcy of the insurer. Likewise, it carries out the procedures of ensuring the payments of the insurance companies for the injured, the collection from the damaging party, the disputes of accident insurances, pension, health and life insurances, the follow-up and collection of the receivables of the insurers from the insurance companies.


  • In case the insurance companies fail to compensate for the insurances, we also serve as a consumer rights lawyers for proving the receivable and collection transactions by filing a lawsuit before the Consumer Arbitration Committee and Consumer Courts. tüketici hakları avukatıolarak da hizmet vermekteyiz.


Legal Services We Provide Under Insurance Law


  • Disputes and dispute resolution regarding motor own damage, aviation and marine insurance through litigation,
  • Material and non-pecuniary damages related to accident insurances, collection of insurance cost,
  • • Resolving the claims and compensation cases within the scope of pension insurance, health insurance and life insurance before the Arbitration Board or Consumer Courts,
  • Flood, fire, earthquake etc. Litigation of insurance receivables and compensations resulting from disasters,
  • Preparation, termination, partial termination and withdrawal of insurance contracts,
  • Follow-up of disputes arising from breach of obligations in insurance contracts,
  • Loss insurances, disputes arising from compulsory liability insurances,
  • Execution of enforcement proceedings before enforcement offices and courts in order to collect unpaid insurance premiums from the policyholder,
  • Filing and concluding a lawsuit by our insurance lawyer in order to collect the compensation and insurance costs paid by the insurance companies to the injured person.
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