Intellectual Property Law

Practice Areas
Fikri Mülkiyet Hukuku

The intellectual property rights that constitute the most serious financial value of our clients, especially in the long term; With the awareness that it should be kept under protection at all stages including registration, use and licensing; On copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs, domain names, patents, trade secrets, geographical indications, software and know-how. Therefore, our team provide legal service and specialized in;


  • Acquire the IP right by registering it with the relevant national and international registry,
  • Lawsuits filed for determination of entitlement,
  • Lawsuits filed for the prevention of third person violations, semen / refi of rape, compensation for damage caused by rape,
  • Domain name objections at national and international level (,
  • License agreements, and
  • Intellectual property rights violations on the internet.

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